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Frequently Asked Questions

TraNxt is a travel technology company based in Nagpur, Maharashtra (India).

TraNxt provides Holiday portal service to Travel companies.

No, we are not a website designer or developer. We have developed a world class tool and with the help of that holiday portal works. Any other portal takes much time to develop but in our case we give immediate solution with latest cloud technology. We are a team with highly experienced engineers.

TraNxt is a product of Tenet Enterprise Solutions INDIA private limited which is a sister concern of Tenet Computer & Communication Private Limited. Tenet Computer is more than 23 years old private Limited company. The major clients are BSNL and TCS.

TraNxt Holiday portal is a service provided by TraNxt Travel Technology on an emerging platform called SAAS. SAAS stands for Software As A Service. With the help of our service any travel agent can start a portal integrated on their domain name with their tailor made holiday packages. This is ever evolving platform with regular free updates.

Many people ask us this question. We have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that your information and data is secure and private. We offer security on multiple levels including physical, software and people process levels. We are using world class architecture and paid Microsoft technology and highly secure database. Server : We have hired a dedicated server located in a very secure zone with multiple levels of restrictions for access, including on premises security guards, security cameras, biometric limited access system. Server Protection : We have installed antivirus on our server and watches all suspicious traffic and viruses or even inside attacks. Tranxt state of the art firewall protection on multiple levels, eliminating the possibility. Your data is secure under our privacy policy because we know the importance of data. We are working on data since starting of Tenet Computer and worked for more than 20 years for BSNL data in pan India.

No, this is not a white label solution. This will be your own portal runs with your own data.

Generally a standard company prefer portal to give world class service to their client/customers. Portal gives flexibility to their users to make changes as per their requirements. The website users usually depend on their developers to make a small change. But cost of Tranxt is same as website.

World is moving on cloud and India is also moving in the same direction. Customers want immediate solutions and service. This will help you to give a world class solution to your customers. A beautiful quotation will make a good impression to your clients and gives probability to win contract and make you confident while talking to your customers.

You can trust on us because we are doing ethical business and having more than 23 years experience in IT and data field. We are a purely technology company. Tranxt Computer is a registered vendor of India largest giant company TCS .

You can start portal within half an hour. You just need to provide us domain credentials to integrate it immediately.

Complete guide is available in admin along with video. Also we have dedicated helpdesk to answer all your queries.

No, you don’t need any training to upload packages. It is a very easy and smart program and this will help and guide you step by step to upload packages. In-case you need any help or need training then Tranxt can provide you during office hours.

If all the items are ready with you for a holiday portal then it will take hardly 10 minutes to upload a holiday portal.

No, you don’t need any technical knowledge to upload or handle this portal

We have given total control of metadata. You can change your meta data as per your requirement. This will help you to promote your domain through SEO.

This is a very important question asked by several agents. You need server to run your portal and server service is chargeable. Incase of website you will have to pay hosting charges per month. Generally website solution providers provide shared hosting to you and that hosting will run slow as compare to our portal. We are charging a very less as compare to other portal providers.

No you don’t need to pay AMC or hosting charges.

Generally in Indian market any software company will charge 1 Lakhs ($1500). Then you need a server hosting to run your portal and that will be starting from Rs. 6000/- per month. To maintain this portal you need a dedicated software professional or a dedicated software team. In our case , charges are very less & you can trust on Tranxt team for maintenance.