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TENET ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED takes care of Travel Technology, ERP solutions, Industry specific software development, Web development and Mobile based applications & overseas projects. In recent time we are aggressively focusing on Travel Technology domain, the sector is predicted to grow at an average annual rate of 7.9% from 2014 to 2023. Travel agencies / Tour operators have been one of the primary drivers & contribute largely in the growth of tourism. Our company is committed to fulfill their day today technological needs. We are working towards to make them technologically competent in today's digital world.

TENET ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a sister concern of Tenet Computer & Communication private limited. Which has 20 years of experience in implementation of various government projects. It has more than a decade experience in the field of IT & Software domain. This company has expertise in managing & controlling humongous data related projects. We offer services like Custom Software Development, Project Recovery, Consulting, Database related services, IT Staff Augmentation services.

Management Team

Mr. Ashok Kumar Mishra

Ashok is a Co-Founder at Tenet Enterprises Solutions INDIA (P)Ltd. He is responsible for technology and database architecture at Tenet Enterprises Solutions INDIA (P)Ltd. A technology researcher by nature, he is constantly looking for technologies that can make life easier for the tech team & for our clients. He is responsible for all front-end/back-end development pertaining to the product and time completion of the same. He heads developers team & brings best out of them. He brings with him over 23 years of experience in building and managing teams and companies.. He has extensively worked with companies like TCS, BSNL, Indian Railways & MP electricity board in different projects. Ashok is a software engineer & also holds Masters degree in Management.

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Mr. Bhushan Dhakulkar

Bhushan is a Co-Founder at Tenet Enterprises Solutions INDIA (P)Ltd. He handles product and business development activities at Tenet Enterprises Solutions INDIA (P)Ltd. he is very quick in understanding the requirements of travel firms and devising robust solutions for the same. He is equally responsible for strategic decisions in sales, marketing of product & services of Tenet. Bhushan brings with him over 7 years of experience in building and managing teams and companies. He holds engineering degree in electronics & PG in Enterprenurship from EDI, Ahmedabad.

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WHY TraNxt

TENET ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED specialized travel technology company. Our company has very strong fundamentals and rich history in project implementation. We are here to enable travel companies of all size, type and geography to adopt technology. We want travel companies to adopt technology in a efficient and hassle free manner. In this immensely competitive world, cost is becoming important day by day; as everyday cost effective business models are emerging. Our products are based on SaaS models, which are efficient and cost effective. For customized requirements we provide web based solutions which are cost effective and independent of geography. Our product design team has a relentless focus on delivering a scalable and reliable technology platform which can be the growth engine for aspiring travel companies. We specialize in intelligent solutions which have a high degree of adaptability to distinct business processes within the travel domain. Our management team is eclectic blend of youth & experience who are experts in technology, strategy and travel domain. Our objective is to Identify industry and consumer trends and the patterns of changes that will have an impact on business. We will ensure the tangible use of product by active hand holding in appropriate time intervals. TENET ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is your partner in technology.


We follow Agile methodology for development of our products. We believe in Agile Philosophy and strictly adhere by its principles, as it is one of the best approaches for building an effective solution. The greatest benefits of using Agile for the customers are reduced risk, improved quality and greater flexibility. Customers can see tangible end results at regular intervals throughout the project and share related feedback. Compared to traditional software engineering, agile software development mainly targets complex systems and projects with dynamic, non-deterministic and non-linear characteristics, where accurate estimates, stable plans, and predictions are often hard to get in early stages—and big up-front designs and arrangements would probably cause a lot of waste, i.e., are not economically sound. These basic arguments and previous industry experiences, learned from years of successes and failures, have helped shape agile development's favor of adaptive, iterative and evolutionary development. Our UI design philosophy is Flat design. The combination of bright colors and exotic typography has paved the way for unique flat interfaces. Minimalism is a big part of this design idea, and you can see how popular these trends have become in recent years. Flat website design is a brilliant concept because it focuses solely on the content. We use material color for UI. Color in material design are inspired by bold hues juxtaposed with muted environments, deep shadows, and bright highlights. Material takes cues from contemporary architecture, road signs, pavement marking tape, and athletic courts.

Value with our services

We specialize in intelligent solutions which have a high degree of adaptability to distinct business processes within the travel domain. We provide end user customization as per customer business agronomy. Active training of software will be provided on the complete use. We also provide services in the field of business modeling and business development. This helps future development of product and attachment modules. The interface with external suppliers and service providers are simpler. Our products and technology minimizes human error which leads to time saving and it is user friendly & easy to understand for any new staff. A basic CRM, accounts, operational workflow, sales workflow & business analytics included which advances overall agency standard. Based on complete data of your travel agency, we present perfect insights of your business & which in turn will help you to take correct strategic decisions to achieve your business goals. Our products and technology has the ability to support operations and associated employee groups across different geographical locations also helps in elimination of unwarranted stakeholders. We specializes in technology which can gain view of the operational and financial health of businesses. Our products and technology has common database, common definitions and set of data which help in integrating applications for decision making and planning. This also results in avoids data inconsistency and duplication which allows departments to coordinate seamlessly. Update one module will automatically updates others and specific way of doing business.

Future Travel Technology

We are Travel Technology Company, so keeping an eye on the latest technology trends and finding innovative ways to apply them in the travel industry is paramount to our success. We believe building databases by the way of connecting existing databases. This means that we are continuously commissioning research to stay ahead of emerging technologies. Advances in technology, whether they are innovative travel solutions or new mobile breakthroughs, require us to be at the forefront of travel technology trends. Cloud computing and virtualization are two of the most talked about technology trends today. Cloud services are becoming more and more sophisticated. The keys to business and personal progress in this tech-enabled era are connectivity and interoperability. Connectivity is already very high –there are mobile phone accounts for 96% of the people on the planet, and approximately 40% of the global population has Internet access. Interoperability which is Cross-platform data access, requires travel companies to track the changing user-interface patterns of their customers to provide the appropriate level of service. This will be a continuing process as new technologies evolve and businesses become less restrictive about the devices their employees can use for particular tasks. The suppliers and distributors that support the most user-friendly, convenient interfaces will enjoy increased market share. We expect to see great innovation in corporate travel over the next few years. Integration and collaboration of suppliers and travel companies is important in corporate travel.




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