TraNxt Introduction

About our company profile and values

Our company, Tenet Enterprise solutions Pvt Ltd, provides Travel Technology, ERP solutions, Industry specific software development and Web development services as well as development of Mobile based applications across the world. Travelling and exploring is a growing passion among the masses and we want to support it, therefore our primary focus today is Travel technology for which we have developed TraNxt. Businesses in the travel have been predicted to grow at the average annual rate of 7.9% from 2014 to 2023. Capitalizing on this we are here to make life easier for travel agencies and tourism businesses. TraNxt aims to help you give your clients the best travel experience with advance technology. We are working towards making you technologically competent in today’s digitalized world.

Tenet Enterprise solution Pvt Ltd is a sister concern of Tenet Computer & Communication Pvt Ltd. Tenet Computer & Communication has over 20 years of experience in implementing and working with many government projects and nearly 10 years of experience in IT and software technology. We hold pride in our expertise in managing and controlling humongous data related projects efficiently. We also provide services like Custom Software development, Project Recovery, Consulting, Database related services, IT Staff Augmentation services.

TraNxt Management

The Brains behind the idea

Mr. Ashok Kumar Mishra


Mr. Mishra is one of two founders of Tenet Enterprises Solutions India Pvt Ltd. He has great experience in working on different projects with companies like TCS, BSNL, Indian Railways and MP electricity board. He has studied to be a software Engineer and has a master’s Degree in management.

At Tenet, Mr. Mishra is responsible for the Technology and database Architecture. A technological researcher by heart, he is always eagerly looking for new technological innovations that will make life easier for our Tech team and for our clients. He heads the developers’ team responsible for all the development of our services. He makes sure every deadline is met, as he is a stickler for time management. Mr. Mishra brings with him 23 years of team building and project management experience which is priceless for our company.

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Mr. Bhushan Dhakulkar


The second half of the Dynamic duo, Mr. Dhakulkar is a co-founder of Tenet Enterprises Solution India Pvt Ltd along with Mr. Ashok Kumar Mishra. He has studied to be an Electronic Engineer and has done Post Graduation in Entrepreneurship from EDI.

At TraNxt, Mr. Dhakulkar oversees product and business development. He focuses on understanding and analyzing the requirements of travel firms and devises solutions for the same. He also supervises strategic decisions in sales, marketing of product and services. He uses his 7 years of leadership experiences and is very efficient in building and managing teams and companies.

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