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TraNxt - The Next Travel Technology

API Integration

Give your customers the best travel services! Travel API Integration gives your customer access to the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. GDS API Integration allows you to access all flights around the world. We can integrate any Flight API & Hotel API of your choice.

Holiday Portal

Our Travel portal builder will help you create the perfect holiday website for your customers. TraNxt has established itself as a Travel Portal Development company. It has B2C travel portal & B2B travel portal makes it ideal for destination management company [DMC].

CueMonk Travel CRM

It provides world-class Travel CRM solutions. CueMonk gives you a wide range of services to improve your overall business performance that includes unique functionalities like work automation, staff performance management, task mgmt & auto invoice management. It also helps you to increase efficiency in back office so as business revenue.

Activity / Day tour Module

Our Activity/Day tour module helps you generate customized itineraries for day tours and activities. Offer your customers fun-filled and well-organized day tours.

Travel ERP

TraNxt’s ERP system provides all services needed for a portal. We help travel agencies to give exceptional customer service and providing structured information in real time. Our ERP system allows cutting operational costs down and increasing the company’s efficiency.

Hotel Extranet

Now managing bookings made easy! Our state-of-the-art Hotel Extranet system allows your agency to book rooms for your customer from anywhere on the globe! You can update your contracted hotel inventory, check for availabilities and other information regarding hotel bookings directly. Simple and hassle free!

Built Specifically for Travel Agencies To deliver real-time customer engagement and close more deals in less time.

TraNxt provides you abundant tools to run your business in an expert way. With its basic CRM module, TraNxt simplifies your email marketing process, invoicing process and simplify your business operations & create real-time customer engagement.

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Travel API CueMonk Travel ERP Tour Booking

Flight API

TraNxt flight booking engine is available with any flight API of your choice, making the entire process smooth and flexible. TraNxt offers Airline reservation system. By combining Flight API with our own exclusive tour booking software solution, you can offer advanced travel and booking related solutions to your customers.

Hotel API

TraNxt offers a diverse range of links and APIs to suit your business model, providing access to the extensive global Hotel content, we can also do multiple API Integration. We offer unparalleled hotel search and booking technology that has been created to meet all of your Travel agency’s requirements. Our Hotel API integration allows our clients to access hotel inventory and check for availability swiftly and accurately.

Taxi API

Fast, Easy and Flexible, Taxi APIs directly connects you to all the travel needs to build a cutting-edge travel portal. Give your customers great deals on Taxi API from wherever they are in the world. The booking is straightforward and transparent. TraNxt provides fast and error-free online booking facility.


Amadeus, Galileo, World span & Sabre range of GDS API integration helps you to target & promote your travel business and get exposure to worldwide Inventory of airlines, hotels, Taxi services.

Payment Gateway

TraNxt has an integrated payment system that makes transactions easy, effortless and error-free. We provide your customers with multiple safe and reliable payment options. TraNxt is a Travel portal development company and is an expert in integrating payment gateways into online travel portals in such a way that your customers get the right payment solution for your e-commerce needs.

Admin/ MIS

Get an integrated MIS and Admin with TraNxt travel portal. MIS and Admin is the backbone of any company. With our API integration, all your information and data gathering are automated and effortless reducing any chance of error. Our MIS makes your work-flow smooth and unhindered


TraNxt gives you access to advanced CRM for improving and managing customer experience. Effortlessly manage and analyze customer interactions with current customers and potential clients. Improve customer relations by querying customers and analyzing customer feedback. This flexible database enables you to know your clients better by giving any information on them: their contacts etc...

Tour booking

Our ERP dramatically enhances the efficiency of travel booking, improves customer experience and generates higher profits. It also increases revenue-generation opportunities through hands-on selling. Search smarter, quicker and book the best accommodation selection for your customers!

Supplier Management

We help you measure supplier performance collaboratively and store everything related to all your suppliers in a single place. TraNxt provides you with an engine that allows you to make faster, more informed decisions that improve client service, impact quality and drive continuous improvement.

API Integration

CueMonk’s API integration ensures that the ERP application interfaces effectively with other applications of your travel portal. Our API integration helps to improve the performance of your ERP application, and also allows your travel portal to automate patches and upgrades.


TraNxt’s Accounts ERP is explicitly created to automate general accounting to increase its flexibility and utility for your business needs. We help make sure all accounting records are generated automatically, as per your company’s desired configurations. We at TraNxt want your company to be the best in every way and provide you with the best tools to do so.


CueMonk’s enterprise-wide MIS supports all the internal business processes of your Travel business. It helps in all core business processes such as sales order processing, inventory management and control, production and distribution planning, and finance. Our State-of-the-art ERP encourages the natural flow of integration and agility to the company and also helps save time and resources.

Itinerary builder

Our online itinerary builder makes it effortless and fast to build a custom trip itinerary with all your trip minutiae. TraNxt free travel itinerary planner online tool is the simplest way to develop and share your travel plans. You’ll be able to sketch out every step of your trip with TraNxt itinerary builder. TraNxt goes further in giving you a personalized interface to make it trouble-free to add the exact travel details for your tour.

Hotel Inventory

TraNxt has the best Hotel Inventory management system. TraNxt Hotel API makes it easy to access your hotel inventory and make booking more accessible and faster. You can manage hotel booking through our Hotel Extranet system and also check hotel inventory and availability easily.

Activity / Day tour Module

We offer Activity and Day tour planner module for clients. Tours and activities are scheduled and can vary in price from day to day. Tour templates are used to save time when creating your schedule for regularly run tours. Generate easily manageable tour manifest with participant details, plus any additional selective planning including pick up and drop off locations. Access your online tour calendar with a few clicks anywhere, anytime.

Marketing module

TraNxt offers you one of its kind marketing modules. Market to different groups in different ways and you can measure these efforts also. Clients can re-organize the order of pre-defined packages to suit their time schedules. Run your promotions with a unique code to be entered online to receive a discount. Social media Marketing & Content marketing are USPs of TraNxt system.

Invoice/ Voucher

The invoicing module allows you to create estimates, invoices, and returns from within the dashboard automatically updating your customer database. Include services or other cost items in the invoices you create. Our software also enables you to sell Gift Certificates and vouchers online from your web site with immediate delivery via email. This allows customers an uninterrupted opportunity to direct invoice generation with markup.

Admin & MIS

TraNxt works closely with tourism operators to engineer better solutions to business challenges where people are time poor and thirsty to get away. We offer state-of-the-art MIS that facilitates natural data gathering, tracking and operations. Our comprehensive user manual is written in plain English without complicated computer jargon. It works as the backbone of an organization’s activities.

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